How To Get New Members Faster, Keep Your Current Members Excited and Staying longer, So You Can Stop Struggling to "Get by." 
Even if You Only Have 25 Members Right Now!

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Our Business is  Growing YOUR Martial Arts business. Fast.

We understand how it feels to constantly struggle to get new members, to try and keep current members, to be unsure if your business will survive another 6 months, to make rent, electricity, phone, payroll.....  

We have felt the same anxiety all business owners face when it comes to  trying to earn a decent living while teaching the martial arts.

We understand the frustration of trying advertising and marketing that just doesn't seem to work right. 


We get it. We were there too. 

We learned a thousand  hard lessons about business, then finally  it all changed. 


We got systems in place, we got guidance and mentorship, we kept tweaking and refining the systems so they were duplicatable and reliable and could be done by anyone.. not just us. We finally got it all together- the hard way- but the  good news is, you don't have to.  And you won't need 20 years to learn how to duplicate our success

What we uncovered, developed and created has revolutionized our business model at Red Dragon Karate and became so powerful that our schools grew and expanded from 1 location to 12 successful locations and counting....

Our business building success systems are already being used in over 500 other successful martial art schools, studios, gyms, and fitness centers, making it easy for them to grow their business with less stress.

Now, it's your turn.

Join us AUGUST 2nd & 3rd at the Beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach California for two days of intense laser focused business training.  Let us give you the practical and tactical information you need to supercharge your business!


It's happening: August 2-3 at The Historic QUEEN MARY in Sunny Southern California


*Important Note: Business Kombat Live WILL Sell Out!

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You've got to go get it!

If you are a Martial Art school owner who is ready to become  a success by following your passion for the arts, then you've got to take action to get there. It's just not going to happen by accident, it's important that we not do the same things over and over or continue to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

Because we both know that you are looking for something more, something better, something different. 

This is what you will get when you join us at Business Kombat.

You'll get the freedom of running a business that can operate without you "having" to be there all the time.


You'll get the happiness you deserve by generating sustainable revenue that can provide for your entire family.


You'll have less stress with the knowledge of how to implement the right systems into your business. Which means you are making MORE MONEY!

You'll get  the most incredible, easy to implement, fast acting business building strategies on the planet.

You will learn our methods and best business practices that have helped us grow and prosper for over 50 years

The rising tide lifts all boats and I'd love to take you on that journey with me. In order to do that, it's up to you to take focused, determined action each and every day.

There's no "mystery" to running a successful Martial Arts School- Its simple really. There are only 3 areas that need to be mastered. The front door, the floor, and the back door. (get'em in. get'em trained, get'em to stay & refer)

That's why we put together Business Kombat, an event unlike any other because its not filled with "guru's or schlocky sales people who are trying to sell you the "latest and greatest" disappointing product.

What you are missing in your current business isn't a product or a service. What you are missing are the systems that get you reliable, consistent, predictable results. The kind of systems that are duplicatable and can be done by anyone- NOT JUST YOU.

When you attend Business Kombat you get a once in a lifetime peek "inside the kimono" and get instant access to learn exactly how Red Dragon has stood the test of time and enrolled over 100,000 members while generating millions of dollars in revenue. 

Hear what school owners JUST LIKE YOU are saying



Think about the past 5 years and if you can relate to any of these statements: 

You aren’t where you think you should be right now with your income level

You don’t have a flood of new students and don’t know how to get them in.... (or you’ve tried and failed)

You need help with exactly how social media can grow your business.

You lack the time, resources and tools to "get everything done."

You aren’t the go-to authority or expert in your area for Martial Arts or Bully prevention

You aren’t happy with your staff or their level of instructor training

You have less than 150 active paying members

You don’t have an automated system for making money while you sleep

Then the Business Kombat Mastermind Event will Give You a Step-by-Step Plan and Tools You Need to Get EXACTLY What You Want!

BUT....The only way to get it is by attending The Business Kombat Mastermind

We’ve broken things down into a simple step-by-step system that any busy professional, school owner, instructor, manager, or coach can easily manage and accomplish, fast.

And being able to “easily manage it” is important.

You don't need to buy another training or product!

What you need is a team of experienced experts who will take you by the hand, lead you through the right process, in the right order, so that you get maximum results in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort...

But the fact of the matter is, I want to ensure quality and consistency in the training we provide. So we are only accepting 100 business owners into the mastermind event. The kind of business owners who are ready for something different and who want to take control of their business and their lives.

We will show you exactly how to quickly grow your members, retain the members you have, increase you current income, make a greater impact in your community and leave a legacy that you can be proud of all while you serve more people in your community!

I want to show you exactly how to build and scale the business of YOUR dreams.  

It's happening Friday & Saturday 
August 2-3 at The 

Historic Queen Mary 


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