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Our Next Epic Event of 2024.

JULY 26-27 in Pasadena CA. At the beautiful DENA Hotel and Resort

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All businesses grow (and decline) because of predictable cycles. 

There are periods where growth is easy, and periods where growth is hard. 

The most lasting growth is when it is difficult. 

Think about it – when growing something is harder, you have less competition. When you have less competition, you’re going to win BIGGER. 

Right now we are in the midst of two big economic “corrections.” 

You can use these corrections to make huge gains in clientel and income   before other people in your area who simply don’t know what they’re doing.

But you need a system to implement if you’re going to do this. 

Let’s take it a step further: 

If you don’t have a system to implement, you’re gambling. And while gambling can be quite addictive, it is hardly ever profitable.

Systems are the foundation of what we teach and they are the “Secret Sauce” that will hep you WIN!

And the best part is our systems work in any martial art style, in any part of the country. We know this because we have already helped over 574 martial art & membership based business grow and expand their income, their trainers, and most importantly their ability to take more time off.

If you want the highest odds of success for what you are building, you owe it to yourself to be at this event.

In the interest of FULL transparency Here are some Ballpark costs that you need to keep in mind:

Event Ticket $97- $497 (depending on how long you wait to purchase...)

Travel $200-500 depending on where you are flying in from.

Hotel: $219 per night at our event hotel in beautiful Southern California, (the sunshine, beaches and movie star viewing are always free) and all attendees get a special discount on rooms.

We have food handled for the morning and a client dinner in the evening, but you’ll need to cover Lunch and at least 1 dinner at night… and, we will help connect you with people to have dinner with & network with while you’re here. 

There is a mixer in the evening, after the event, where drinks will be covered. But I am not going to type up an elaborate “itinerary” on this page. 

If you are serious about building & stabilizing your business for you and your family, figure out how to get here for this.

If you can’t swing $100 because you don’t know the precise minute a session will start, keep watching YouTube videos and random FB “guru” posts so you can trial + error your way through it. 

Our event will be much cheaper than trial and error.

Grab your ticket today and check the vid below to see more.👇

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Transformations Speak: Real Success Stories from Business Kombat Warriors

I have been in other masterminds and they didn't offer half of the content and business building knowledge that the BK mastermind does. Plus the team here actually CARES about their people.This is the best Business Mastermind you will ever attend!

- Steven L

Chris has helped us grow our number of students by almost 50% and coached us on how to improve and tweak our systems so we can continue to make more money with less effort while providing the best service to our members. He is the real deal :)

- Tracy H

I need someone who will push me harder than I push myself. Someone who will hold me accountable for keeping my word to myself, and someone who knows EXACTLY what the challenges are and how to overcome them. And that person is Chris. Being a part of this community helps me put my big girl panties on and go for it!

- Billy W

Chris and the Business Kombat Mastermind team have helped me refocus and ultimately become reinspired. We are earning more money now than ever before. Business is hard, he walks you through the perils and the pitfalls so you can be better and more successful in your business.


- Andrew F

I also want you to know that every dollar you give me will have no buyer’s remorse attached. If you feel that you did not get the value you deserved for your $100 (lol) we have an unconditional money-back guarantee for this. 
You can attend the event and get your fee back. 
If you do that, I will never allow you to buy something from me ever again (for the record). But things happen. Sometimes stuff comes up and you just don’t feel like the money or time spent was appropriate. 
I’ll make sure you make more money than I do in the event that this happens. I firmly stand by this statement: you will never find a more predictable, logical, profitable system for running & building your business than this one. But if you decide I’m wrong about that you can call or email us (or just ask for it at the event) and we’ll refund all of your money for the ticket.
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