This Event Will Help You Amplify The Performance Of Your Business While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back From That NEXT LEVEL!


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Our Final Event of the year is September 29-30  @ Universal Studios in Hollywood CA

BONUS: All Attendees get 100% VIP access to the Mastermind recordings after the event!

The Business Kombat LIVE event is only for business owners who are ready to play full out, be coachable, accountable, and have a blast while doing it.

It's time to become part of a team of laser focused entrepreneurs who believe in the power of a positive group and who want mentorship and leadership that inspires.

If you are ready to take ownership of your success and you want tactical and practical strategies that are proven to work, then join us for an unforgettable experience and grab your ticket today!

Presidents, athletes, musicians, MMA fighters and top business pro's all have coaches – it’s not a case of do you need coaching, it’s a case of, can you afford NOT to have a coach?

Our focus is to get you uncomfortable, get rid of the “whys” and “oh, I could never do that” and save you years of stress and frustration by getting you where you should be and not where you are or heading.

Our event is for people who see a bigger vision and are on a mission to make an impact in their communities. Special Guest Speakers have included: Jesse Itzler, Ed Rush, Ron Sell, Adam Kifer, Michael Bernoff, Kelly Murray Grys, Roland Osborne, Adam Lyons, Steve Sims and MASTER KEN.

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This Group Is the Apex. It Is Elite.
It Is the Highest Level Business Training Mastermind That Has Ever Been Created.

Here Are What Others Have To Say About Learning From Chris and the Business Kombat Team

I have been in other masterminds and they didn't offer half of the content and business building knowledge that the BK mastermind does. Plus the team here actually CARES about their people.This is the best Business Mastermind you will ever attend!

- Steven L

Chris has helped us grow our number of students by almost 50% and coached us on how to improve and tweak our systems so we can continue to make more money with less effort while providing the best service to our members. He is the real deal :)

- Tracy H

I need someone who will push me harder than I push myself. Someone who will hold me accountable for keeping my word to myself, and someone who knows EXACTLY what the challenges are and how to overcome them. And that person is Chris. Being a part of this community helps me put my big girl panties on and go for it!

- Billy W

Chris and the Business Kombat Mastermind team have helped me refocus and ultimately become reinspired. We are earning more money now than ever before. Business is hard, he walks you through the perils and the pitfalls so you can be better and more successful in your business.


- Andrew F

Why NOW is the perfect time for YOU to attend this Mastermind event: 


 #1 The Best Connections in The Industry

Chris and his Business Kombat team have connected with movers and shakers, top industry leaders and some of the most influential people on the planet. We're super selective about who we make introductions for because our name and reputations are attached to them.

 #2 Proximity to The Top Leaders in Our Space...

We truly believe proximity can be one of the most powerful forces in the universe and this is the most elite group that's ever been brought together. Not to mention that it's the only place where you can have this close of access to Chris and his team for training for your business

 #3 Learn Proven Strategies From The Best in the World...

Chris' brands and his companies have generated millions of dollars in revenue, but even more impressive is he does it with the highest levels of ethics, authenticity and transparency. This is a guy who knows how to create “out of the box” marketing to exponentially grow companies through more sales and revenue like no one we've ever seen.

 #4 The Speakers & Trainers At Our  Events Are World Class

If you know anything about Chris you know it's that he has dedicated his life to helping and giving back to the industry that he loves. The speaker line up isn't a bunch of "self help gurus" or "get rich quick hucksters" These men and women are Uber successful and at the TOP of their profession! Which is why this group is more than just next level business success, it's about pinnacle success in all areas of life and business. Especially the ones no one else really knows that you are struggling with.

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