3 action steps to improve your business & dominate the competition!

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2021

Here are the three biggest things you should be working on so you can dominate the first quarter of 2022! Or any quarter of the year.

Number one, have a reactivation campaign in place. 

Now, the reactivation campaign targets, three very specific groups of people who have come in contact with your business number one leads people that are in your system, but haven't yet booked an appointment. 

Number two people who are in your system and taken one or two lessons, but for whatever reason, they haven't started or sign up with you. 

And number three, probably the biggest category, and that is former members, people who were at your studio, who were paying you who understand your culture, but now, who knows they're just not training. Those three categories are what we call the lowest hanging fruit. And if you have a system that allows you to go get them, and get them back into your studio, that's what we call maximum efficiency with minimum effort. 

The truth is, our coaching clients already know that system because we put it together for them, they spend $20. And 20 minutes of their time getting back, someone who pays them $150 A month or more, you're talking about a 10x ROI all day long. That is a great system to have, and you should have one for your business as well. 

The second item  that you should be focusing on for the end of this year is concierge marketing. This is customer service to the next level. Now any of you that are fans of Disney Disneyland or Disney world will know exactly what I'm talking about on how they nurture and create raving fans. If you were at the relentless Summit, or if you're in my coaching group, you already know the system that we have in place for concierge marketing. It allows you to get your members to stay longer and to understand your culture and your business faster than ever before. So those two things right there that you should be working on reactivation campaign and concierge service. 

The third item, is getting yourself coached up.

Listen, in the martial arts, there's a saying if you're through learning you are through, it goes double or triple for the business side of what we do. We got into this because we love it. We got into this business because of our LOVE for the art… In this instance love is not enough. We have to know more. So we made it a point to get ourselves coached up and I still do I am part of masterminds so I can stay sharp and keep my business moving forward. I learn, I grow  and I keep pushing forward. At Red Dragon we’ve  spent 50 years innovating and implementing systems that allow us to duplicate and replicate that success across our entire brand of 14 locations and more importantly, our systems work across dozens of other Martial Art locations all over the world that aren't even part of our brand. Business Systems work, period. 

So, If you don't take the time to invest in yourself and get yourself coached up and whether it's with me or with anybody. You're just going to be spinning your wheels and I don't want you to do that I want you to thrive. I want our industry to raise up to a higher standard. 

Here is how we start. 

On January 28 and 29th. In San Diego, California, we are hosting a private small group mastermind that is for all my Elite Level Coaching clients but we're opening up a few spots for people that want to take action and want to get their business moving forward, faster. 

Click that link so you can save your spot. Join us January 28-29in San Diego. 


Offer code SCORPION Saves you $100 until Dec 30.

You’ve got this. 

I can't wait to see you January 28 and 29th 

Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy time with your family. And I'll see you all very soon.



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