"We Had Our BEST Month ever!"

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2022

Can you imagine how exciting it would be to be able to say that?

And not for just 1 month but for an entire YEAR.

Most martial art business coaches rarely have that happen with even one their clients...


With our Business Kombat clients, we hear it




As a matter of fact we heard it so much and from so many of our members at our most recent Mastermind event  at Disney, that for a brief moment I thought they were playing an ApriI fools joke on us...

They were not.

They were so excited about their success and their families success that they literally were saying "I had my best month ever"  to me BEFORE they even said hello!

I couldn’t wait to share this great news with you. Now, I'm not telling you this to impress you, I'm telling you this to impress UPON YOU how important is it for you to be in the right room, with the right people, who have the right tools to help you conquer any challenge you are having in your business. 

If that's what you want, we can help you get there. 

We are looking for a few more studio owners who think they have what it takes to join the Business Kombat team. 

To see if you qualify to join (sorry, not everyone gets in) It's important for you to know that we are looking for people who understand that success isn't a big step in the "future", they know that success is a small step taken right now.

So if you are an action taker and not an excuse maker, click the link to apply because once we fill the spots, enrollment will be closed.

See you on the inside.

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