5 Things you can do right now to improve your Business for 2022


Implement these 5 things into your business this week and watch how different your results can be.

Doing things differently is going to be one of the secrets to improving your results for this year. Try and make your business the  go-to weekly thing for your members. Read on for our “in use” best practices on scaling your business, so you can build a lasting brand. 

Have a PLAN for referrals!  

There are two things we know that studio owners crave: a dedicated network of students and pro shop merchandise sales. With our new student referral program feature, there’s now an opportunity for your existing students to refer their friends to your school. If you need more details on this reply back to this email and we will send it to you FREE.  Now, owners of any size school can take advantage of student referrals immediately. This will  increase your revenue improve your sales and expand your student retention.

Product Updates 

Got a pro shop item that is new? Or maybe one that is good but hasn’t been selling well? Shoot a video explaining WHY that item is so cool and / or needed at your studio and post it to your YOUTUBE channel… You do have one right? Then create an email with a link to the video and a special offer for that item. When you highlight a product and educate your audience about it your customers will take more action on it. When there is a “sale” attached to that item, this improves sell through even more. For example: Check out how we do this WHILE we are teaching you in the section below...

Event Spotlight

Will we see you there? When you have an event coming up like Parents night out, a picnic, a tournament or belt testing repeat the video explainer and email process above. Do not just rely on flyers and /or class announcements. Take a step up this year and do a little more than your customers expect. The goal is to underpromise and OVER deliver. For example: Registration for our Business Kombat mastermind event is open until midnight tonight. For the first time ever, we’re opening up our flagship training program (typically reserved for our Elite level coaching clients) This event is Designed specifically for new owners, scaling owners, or established business vets, each Mastermind will make 2022 a game changer. Our events include high level speakers and exclusive material. Here is the link to use https://bit.ly/BKlive2022 along with offers code: TRUTH at checkout (and yes, there's a video there too) and we’ll see you January 28-29.

Get on the Blog 

With a few weeks of 2022 under our belts, it’s time to separate the realistic from the reach goals. Both types of goals are great to have, but focusing on things you can actually cross off your to-do list today is even better. Start a BLOG post (essentially a digital newsletter) so you can share everything about your business top your members as well as potential members Check out our BK blog by clicking here: https://www.businesskombat.com/blog

Tip of the week 💡

Did you know you could use Canva to create a digital vision board? Simply open the free design app, search “vision board” and customize your board, your way. From the colors and fonts to the photography and elements that call to you, how you craft your board is up to you. Follow us on @Businesskombat on Instagram & TIKTOK for more quick tips like this! You can check out more by clicking the button below.

Hope these tips help you KICK OFF 2022 with style and profit. 

Got questions?, Need advice?... Stay active in our group, DM me or comment below.

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