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Unlocking Success: Building Your Martial Arts Business and your Team

advice blog business coaching Aug 02, 2023

Growing a successful martial arts business takes dedication, hard work, and a solid plan. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, having a business coach can make all the difference. In this blog post, we'll explore the invaluable insights and guidance a business coach can provide while also diving into the essential elements for success in the martial arts industry.

Building a Strong Foundation

To build a strong foundation for your martial arts business, you need to establish a clear vision and mission, a strong brand identity, and an effective business plan. Your business coach will be there to support and guide you through this crucial phase. Together, you'll create an inspiring vision that outlines your long-term goals and aspirations. Your mission will be concise and actionable, specifying how you'll achieve those goals. Your coach will help you craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience, ensuring your business stands out from...

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blog business coaching Jun 21, 2022

In a survey done by Success magazine, Belief in self was the #1 factor attributed to the top athletes and earners in the world.

They all go through hard times. 🔥

Even the most successful people suffer through valleys and peaks of hardship and failure. 🤯

The mindset of belief that they can and WILL succeed allows them and will allow you to NOT be poor but to be a success!

Belief in self is critically important, but its important to note that it is the STARTING point to success.

The next step is to take action towards that belief.

Want an edge on taking that step?...

No matter where you are now, no matter how small of a step you take. You've gotta start.

"Success isn't a big step taken in the future, its a small step taken right now!" 🙏

I believe in you- ❤️



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5 Things you can do right now to improve your Business for 2022


Implement these 5 things into your business this week and watch how different your results can be.

Doing things differently is going to be one of the secrets to improving your results for this year. Try and make your business the  go-to weekly thing for your members. Read on for our “in use” best practices on scaling your business, so you can build a lasting brand. 

Have a PLAN for referrals!  

There are two things we know that studio owners crave: a dedicated network of students and pro shop merchandise sales. With our new student referral program feature, there’s now an opportunity for your existing students to refer their friends to your school. If you need more details on this reply back to this email and we will send it to you FREE.  Now, owners of any size school can take advantage of student referrals immediately. This will  increase your revenue improve your sales and expand your student retention.

Product Updates 

Got a pro...

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7 Ways to ROCK the Best Birthday party- Guaranteed*!

blog business coaching Aug 31, 2018


Really, when it comes to BIRTHDAY PARTIES people either love me or hate me

They love me when they listen with an open mind, to what I say when it comes to Birthday parties. They listen. They learn. They make small changes. They follow my proven process that gets consistent and reliable results each and every time it is implemented. They deploy their team with all the tools and info they need to have an EPIC party+ And BOOM Success. And... that makes them love me. Well,... at least they love the process :)

But what is a successful Birthday party? What determines success?
For this Martial Art business of ours a “SUCCESSFUL party has these 7 factors.  *Make sure to read all the way to the end for a SUPER BONUS

  1. The clients paid to host the event. (Free events are ok too)

  2. The Birthday child was made to feel like a SUPER HERO

  3. The kids (and the parents) had a BLAST

  4. Everything was done in a process that allows the attendees to see, hear & feel the value...

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