The 3 realities of being CEO


Last week in one of our coaching groups I came across a question from an owner about some push back that he was experiencing from his staff about some forward changes he wanted to implement in his business.

Far too many of us struggle with this same issue of trying to keep everyone on our team happy while we trying to keep our business successful, so I felt it was important to share this with all of you.

As the leader of your martial art business there are some hard realities you have to learn to accept.

Reality #1. You will NEVER please everyone. You make decisions for your business based on the best information that you have and that you feel are in the best interest of YOUR business. The most successful people in the world today were once though of as "crazy" and got resistance at every turn. (ELON, JEFF, STEVE, BILL,)...The difference is, they BELIEVED in what they were doing and they KNEW that their idea would be for the better in the long term.

Reality #2- Humans are creatures of habit ...and we are naturally predisposed to fear change once we establish a routine and a "tradition" "habit" etc. Everyone on your team is probably "used" to a certain thing being a certain way and they can probably do what they do without much (extra) thought, therefore they will be hesitant and resistant to changing their "status quo"... If you have their trust and they have faith in YOU and your ability to help them, they will go with you... begrudgingly first but when they see the positive difference the change makes they will be even more excited.

Reality #3- When all else fails....Sometimes you gotta "Just do it" This is also know as the "my way or the highway" routine. Leadership is an uncomfortable position. Trust me I know...we have spent the last 14 months revamping our entire white to black curriculum. In the beginning 70% of our owners fought me about why we were doing it and told me we didn't need to do it... But I KNEW these changes were needed after 50 years, I BELIEVED in the future vision of our company.... The result?.. We added 3 new locations last year. We are on track to add 3 more this year and 95% of our owners are happy and excited about what WE accomplished. Its been an epic battle- but the results are shining through....

In conclusion, as you continue to learn and grow your team needs to grow with you. If they choose not to, you may have to make a tough choice and let them go.

You won't always get it right but if you stay the course and keep pushing forward while communicating weekly with everyone involved your chances of success grow with you.

Got a topic you want me to cover? Just comment below or DM me and we can cover it in an upcoming post, email or video blog.

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