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The 3 realities of being CEO


Last week in one of our coaching groups I came across a question from an owner about some push back that he was experiencing from his staff about some forward changes he wanted to implement in his business.

Far too many of us struggle with this same issue of trying to keep everyone on our team happy while we trying to keep our business successful, so I felt it was important to share this with all of you.

As the leader of your martial art business there are some hard realities you have to learn to accept.

Reality #1. You will NEVER please everyone. You make decisions for your business based on the best information that you have and that you feel are in the best interest of YOUR business. The most successful people in the world today were once though of as "crazy" and got resistance at every turn. (ELON, JEFF, STEVE, BILL,)...The difference is, they BELIEVED in what they were doing and they KNEW that their idea would be for the better in the long term.

Reality #2- Humans are creatures...

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Secrets of a NINJA


Kombat Attraction- Level 2

In this short video we show you a little of segment 2 of the best LOW COST/ HIGH IMPACT ways you can gain new members without spending any extra money.

Here's another one of the BEST and easiest WAYS to get new clients
Simple. Effective.
and yet..... SCARY as HELL.
The fear of rejection.
What if they say NO?
We get it. We were there too...
You think your classes are great... You think your business is the best.... But yet you are afraid to ask for referrals?... 
It's easy to delude yourself into this thinking pattern when you never ask for feedback- or referrals.
RIP OFF THE BANDAID- Find out the truth. Ask your members, customers, clients to refer you a new one......
If they say NO- It's telling you something that YOU as the business owner NEED TO KNOW. Yes, its hard to hear and its a blow to your ego.... 
That's how to adjust, that's how to adapt, that's how to fix the problems so...
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The single WORST thing you could do in a Martial Arts business

As a Mastermind coach and a full time martial arts business owner, I've been getting this question asked to me a lot lately by other Martial Art school owners. The question is: “Should we raise our rates on our existing members?”

My successful high level coaching clients already know the answer, however, I wanted to take a few moments and clarify my opinion on this topic for all.

The short answer is no. Absolutely not.

It is my professional opinion, that raising rates to your current members is probably one of the single worst things that you could do in your martial art based membership business. There is a far better solution to make raising rates a win-win situation that I will explain in a moment.

But first, allow me to expand on why I say no:

…..Imagine you are a customer at a service based business and you've been there for awhile, you've been a loyal customer, you're mostly happy. Then, one day, the owner of the business comes to you and says, ...

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